Jon Fish is an Emmy award winning and multiple other award winning producer for ESPN. Fish has worked in all capacities as a storyteller for the network. His productions range from features to podcasts and documentaries all over the world. As a producer for ESPN in the storytelling unit, the role is always growing and changing. Most recently, Fish completed the SC Featured: Pin Kings project. Pin Kings featured ESPNís first ever 18-part episodic podcast (Fish served as a co-host), and a 1 hour documentary, as well as an ESPN The Magazine article and roll out. Whether it is conducting interviews, hosting an episodic podcast, or producing hour long documentaries, each story allows for different tellings.

In the fall of 2016, a new approach was taken while producing the Michigan vs. Ohio State college football game. Fish produced two stories for ESPNVR (ESPN Virtual Reality). Storytelling in virtual reality allowed the viewer to experience this timeless rivalry in a unique fashion. Fish has worked in television at all levels, from small and large markets to cable television, and ESPN for the past 19 plus years. A native of Boston, MA and a graduate of the University of Michigan, Fish lives with his wife and son in southern Connecticut.