Sohrob Farudi is the Chief Executive Officer at SeeVolution. He is the Co-founder of ActBold. Sohrob Farudi co-founded Flipswap, Inc., and served as the General Manager of Flipswap Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA). Previously, Sohrob Farudi served as the Chief Executive Officer at Flipswap, Inc. He co-founded EZWay Auctions. Sohrob Farudi was a General Manager of EMEA for eRecyclingCorps. He was an Executive Partner at Blue Cloud Ventures. Sohrob Farudi began his career as a Consultant at Accenture. Sohrob Farudi is a Member of Advisory Board of Blue Cloud Ventures. He has a background in finance and information technology. His areas of expertise include ad-tech, eCommerce, mobile, and SaaS.